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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

parents and snuff during pregnancy

For many parents leave the snuff at this stage of life becomes a challenge. The pressure for the child's health , sometimes complicates the situation and causes more anxiety in the family.

Although today everyone knows the health problems caused by the snuff , not always acts responsibly in this regard. If you are going to be parents, it is timely to use the child's arrival to rethink this vice .

Effects on the child of snuff during pregnancy

If the mother has not stopped smoking to get pregnant , you run the risk of harming herself and the child. The snuff toxins reach the child through blood and can cause a variety of symptoms from the child weighs less , to be at risk for cardio-respiratory diseases , born with malformations or even sudden death .

Children of mothers who smoke are more likely to have allergies or lung diseases such as asthma, which affects one child in three lactating . Likewise, if it is the father who smokes, you should not do near the mother, as the dangers of passive smoking are equally harmful. These are just a few of the many reasons that can be an incentive for mothers who want to quit this vice .

Early life of the child

Once the child is born , we still need their guard against exposure to snuff . Avoid coming in contact with smoke, so if parents smoke outside we we go home. Also , the smoke should be away from toys , child clothing , child's belongings , etc ...

With the new law coming into force , we also take care of children smoking in parks or on the doors of the schools. In general , near places frequented by children.